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Download BlueNor Nordic module Document

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Evaluation Board User Manual

Evaluation Board Schematics and Gerber files

  • EV BT832 evaluation board schematics and Gerber files. If you plan to upgrade to using BT840F or BT832X, please use the library component from EV BT840F V3.
  • EV BT840F evaluation board V3 schematics and Gerber files. V3 has footprint of Arduino Uno Revision 3 with additional connectors for additional GPIOs. The 61 pin library component extracted from Gerber files can be used for BT840F, BT832F, BT832, and BT832X. 
  • EV BC832 evaluation board schematics and Gerber files.
  • EV BC832 V2 evaluation board schematics and Gerber files. 



Download BlueFan Toshiba Module document

Module Brochures

  • BlueFan module brochure
  • BH661C Bluetooth Dual Mode 4.2 Brochure
  • BH678T BLE 4.2 Brochure
  • BH676CP BLE 4.1 Brochure
  • WS662 Combo WiFi Bluetooth Dual Mode 4.0 Brochure
  • WZ662 Linux Cortex A9 Combo WiFi Bluetooth Brochure

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