USB840M, Compact Open Source BLE 5, Thread, Zigbee USB Dongle

USB840M is a compact, low cost, open source, certified nRF52840 USB dongle supporting Bluetooth 5, Thread, or Zigbee radio protocols. 

USB Dongle USB840M

USB Dongle USB840M


USB840M is in market ready enclosure.  Upon completion of firmware and app development, you can begin marketing products.

A BlueNor BT840M Bluetooth 5, Thread, Zigbee module is the main component inside USB840M.

The 64 MHz Cortex M4F MCU in nRF52 relays messages between a PC and any node in the mesh network. A CryptoCell 310 co-processor is embedded in BC840M Series modules. Secured messages can be decrypted and authenticated when relayed between a PC and Bluetooth SIG mesh.

Bootloader is preloaded in Bluetooth module. SoftDevice and application can be loaded through PC USB port.

Size: 26.0x15.0x6.0mm.


  • FCC: X8WBC840.

  • Industrial Canada: 4100A-BC840.

  • CE: Certified.

  • Australia: Certified

  • Japan: waiting for a TELEC number

  • QDID: 108621

Availability: May 2019 Production.

USB840M, Compact, Open Source USB Dongle for BLE 5, Thread, Zigbee
from 17.78

USB840M USB Dongle with enclosure.

FCC, IC, CE, TELEC, RCM certified

$17.78 each at 1 pcs; $14.82 each at 10 pcs; $13.63 each at 100 pcs; $11.85 each at 1000 pcs.

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