Motsai provides electronic product development and specialist technical consultancy services. Founded in 2010 by two highly-experienced electronics professionals, Motsai works closely with clients throughout North America and globally to plan, create and deliver outstanding high-performance, cost-effective,  robust, and leading-edge technology products.

Motsai's engineers are experts in designing low-power electronics and motion fusion devices that connect wirelessly through Bluetooth®, WiFi, Zigbee, LoRa, and other network protocols. Motsai collaborates with clients through all aspects of electronics product development, from concept elaboration, prototype design, to volume production.

Motsai's proven process accelerates product development and reduces risks and costs associated with the design and manufacturing of cutting-edge electronic products.

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Toshiba offers an all-in-one solution for high quality Bluetooth ICs with stable, reliable Bluetooth profiles. Benefiting from over 15 years' of experience, Toshiba's Bluetooth ICs offer low power solutions with both Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy line-ups of firmware. Toshiba's devices realize an easy way to integrate Bluetooth for various industrial, medical, smart home, wearable and automotive applications.

All Toshiba Bluetooth devices and embedded software are Bluetooth Qualification Expert (BQE) qualified.

The next generation of devices will also support the new Bluetooth 5 standard.

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The future of electronics is wireless and portable due to an almost insatiable consumer demand for ever greater levels of freedom and flexibility. Nordic Semiconductor is playing a key role in the realization of that future, by providing ultra low power (ULP) wireless chips that can run for a long time from small power sources, like watch batteries.

What makes Nordic's solutions world-leading, however, is that this is achieved with class-leading levels of wireless performance and sophistication at a price that enables the company's chips to be used in even the most cost-sensitive consumer products. As a result, Nordic's chips are to be routinely found in products such as wireless PC peripherals, gaming controllers, sports and fitness sensors (for example heart-rate belts and foot pods), toys, advanced multi-media controllers, and digital/satellite TV (set-top box) remotes, to mention but a few.

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Hanking Plastic Manufactory (Shenzhen) Co,. Ltd is a leading one-stop total plastics solutions provider in Shenzhen, China. We have our own RD dept., tooling shops, molding shops, painting & silkscreen lines, and assembly lines. We can provide plastic components mechanical design, mold design, mold fabrication, molding injection, secondary processing, and EMS assembly service!

With more than 24 years experience, we have advantage to deal with all kinds of molds and products in a better and more economical way.

No matter you have a concept in mind or a rough 2D/3D drawings, we can make them become the real products as you expect. For further information, please visit Hanking.