Preloaded Firmware

Modules are loaded with production test codes to

  • enable Bluetooth transmitter for power measurement.

  • set each GPIO pin to high/low for continuity measurement.

Production test codes are not erased when modules are shipped from factory.

Erase and Reprogram

To load your application codes, SoftDevice, and bootloader, you need to chiperase and reprogram modules. An example for reprogramming BT832 module:

//program BT832 Bootloader+Softdevice+Application hex

nrfjprog -f NRF52 --program BT832_AT_3in1PC181113.hex --chiperase --reset

//The file BT832_AT_3in1PC181113.hex = softdevice S1320v6.1.1+BT832_AT_UARTwithout32K+bootloaderModule Brochures

AT Command Codes

Starting with November 2018 production (date code 1847 or later), AT command codes for UART interface with boot loader are used in production testing. The date code is not marked on module. It is printed on a label attached to reel, anti-static bag, and box for individual reel.

You can use AT command codes as loaded free of charge or erase and reprogram with your codes.

Fanstel may upgrade AT command codes and use new firmware in production testing. If you prefer to use a specific version of AT command codes, please download and save. 

Over The Air Device Firmware Upgrade (OTA DFU)

Up to date AT command codes for UART and SPI interfaces can be downloaded from Fanstel website.

You can reprogram module with downloaded AT command codes using OTA DFU (Over The Air Device Firmware Upgrade). 

Programming Services

Programming services for a specific version of AT command codes or user’s codes are available in factory for fee and with Minimum Order Quantity of 1000 pcs. Please contact your distributors or Fanstel.