USB840F, Open Source BLE 5, Thread, Zigbee USB Dongle

USB840F is a low cost, open source, secure Bluetooth 5 USB dongle supporting Bluetooth 5, Thread, or Zigbee radio protocols. 


Dongle USB840F


USB840F is in market ready enclosure.  Upon completion of firmware and app development, you can begin marketing products.

A BlueNor BT840F Bluetooth 5, Thread, Zigbee module is the main component inside USB840F.

The 64 MHz Cortex M4F MCU in nRF52 relays messages between a PC and any node in the mesh network. A CryptoCell 310 co-processor is embedded in BT840 Series modules. Secured messages can be decrypted and authenticated when relayed between a PC and Bluetooth SIG mesh.

Bootloader is preloaded in Bluetooth module. SoftDevice and application can be loaded by Over-The-Air firmware update. A TAG connect cable TC2050-IDC-NL-050-ALL can be used to connect to nRF52DK to load bootloader and other codes.


  • FCC: X8WBT840.
  • Industrial Canada: 4100A-BT840.
  • CE: Certified.
  • QDID: 108621

Availability: Now for USB840F without enclosure. Enclosure available in August 2018.

USB840F, Open Source USB Dongle for BLE 5, Thread, Zigbee

USB840F without enclosure. Enclosure will be available in 08/2018.

The first shipment sold out. Next shipment will arrive July 15th to 20th.

Early users can begin development using USB840F PCBA.

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