Open Source WiFi to Bluetooth 5, Thread, Zigbee Industrial IoT Gateway

BWG840F is a low cost, open source, secure industrial IoT gateway bridging a WiFi router to Bluetooth, Thread , or Zigbee devices. Its low cost, long range (1800 meters at 125 Kbps), and CryptoCell 310 co-processor for security will enable mass deployment of IoT devices in industrial and agriculture applications.


WiFi to Bluetooth 5 gateway

  • BWG840F is in market ready enclosure. Upon completion of firmware and app development, you can begin marketing products.

  • Our host board and enclosure design is an example for minimizing Bluetooth range degradation.

  • You can use our schematics if you are interested in developing your own products. As an experienced and efficient manufacturer of IoT PCBAs, our production cost is very competitive. Custom enclosure is available.

WiFi to Bluetooth 5, Thread, Zigbee IoT Gateways

A Bluetooth to WiFi Gateway (BWG) relays messages from a cloud server to any node in a Bluetooth SIG mesh, other meshes, or in a point to multiple points application. 

WiFi to Bluetooth SIG mesh IoT gateway for cloud server

WiFi to Bluetooth SIG mesh IoT gateway for cloud server

BWG840F has 2 major components:

  • A BlueNor BT840F Bluetooth 5, Thread, Zigbee module.

  • An ESP WiFi module

Block Diagram of Bluetooth WiFi Gateway (BWG)

Block Diagram of Bluetooth WiFi Gateway (BWG)

Using WiFi to Connect to a Cloud Server

An ESP32 WiFi module is used to establish and maintain internet connection through a WiFi router. Source codes for use with Mongoose OS are available for developing interface with cloud server. A Development Kit (DK) is required to load program into WiFi module. The USB cable assembly included in DK-BWG840F can be used to load program into WiFi module of production gateway BWG840F.

Development Server

A set of demonstration codes for a BLE 5 sensor sending temperature and humidity data to a BWG840F connected to a Fanstel development server using MQTT protocols can be downloaded from Download OpenSource Document webpage. 

The purpose of development server is to assist developers in early stage of development to trouble-shoot WiFi connection. To avoid overloading, gateways should be connected to a production server as soon as possible.

An Android phone app displaying temperature and humidity as below can be downloaded from the same webpage.

Google IoT Core Cloud Server

Hex and source codes for use with Mongoose OS to connect to  Google IoT Core cloud server can be downloaded from Download Open Source Document webpage.

Relaying Messages between Cloud and Bluetooth Devices

A Nordic nRF52 module communicates with cloud server in the message layers. nRF52 development environment shall be used for code development. Source codes are available.

The 64 MHz Cortex M4F MCU in nRF52 relays messages between a cloud server and any node in the mesh network. A CryptoCell 310 co-processor is embedded in BT840 Series modules. Secured messages can be decrypted and authenticated when relayed between a cloud server and Bluetooth SIG mesh.

Bootloader is preloaded in Bluetooth module. SoftDevice and application can be loaded by Over-The-Air firmware update. A TAG connect cable TC2050-IDC-NL-050-ALL can be used to connect to nRF52DK to load bootloader and other codes.

DK includes 10-pin connector and flat cable for loading codes. TAG connect cable assembly is not needed.

Development Kit, DK BWG840F

A development kit is required to load firmware into ESP WiFi module.

Develop Kit Gateway

Develop Kit Gateway

A DK BWG840F includes the followings:

  • A BWG840F with a 10-pin flat cable connector

  • A USB cable assembly for (A) loading codes into WiFi module; (B) Sending data to WiFi interface (3) Sending data to Bluetooth interface.

  • 10-pin connector and flat cable for connection to nRF52DK

  • TAG connect pads for connection to Nordic nRF52DK

  • Optional magnetic mount

  • External antenna included when required.

USB Cable Assembly

USB Cable Assembly

Connecting BWG840F to nRF52DK

Connecting BWG840F to nRF52DK

BWG840F, Gateway for Industrial Applications

CryptoCell 310 co-processor in BT840F module can offload decryption and authentication of messages, required in Bluetooth SIG mesh. Cortex M4F MCU can relay messages in a large mesh network efficiently. 

For industrial applications or larger mesh network, BWG840F is required to relay messages.

  • Supports Bluetooth 5, Thread and Zigbee

  • Cortex M4F MCU, 64 MHz with hardware DSP instructions and floating point unit.

  • Flash/RAM: 1MB/256KB

  • CryptoCell 310 co-processor

  • Bluetooth range: 1800 meters at 125 Kbps with 60% Fresnel zone clearance.

  • Ai-thinker WiFi module with ESP8266. Supports IEEE802.11 b/g/n. 32-bit MCU, integrated TCP/IP stack.

  • Availability: sample.


BWG840X with Power Amplifier

  • Supports Bluetooth 5, Thread and Zigbee

  • 3200 meter range at 125 Kbps

Order Products

BWG840F and DK-BWG840F are available.

BWG840F, Open Source, secure, Industrial WiFi to Bluetooth, Thread, Zigbee gateway
from 56.05

Bluetooth 5 to WiFi gateway. Size is 60x60x22mm with a wall mount bracket, AC adapter and USB cable.

Relays messages between cloud server and Bluetooth devices.

USB cable assembly included in DK BWG840F only is required to program WIFi module.

$56.05 at 1 pcs; $43.59 each at 10 pcs; $37.36 each at 100-pcs; $31.14 each at 1000-pcs

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DK BWG840F, Development Kit for BWG840F Bluetooth WiFi Gateway

Development kit for BWG840F Bluetooth 5, Thread, Zigbee to WiFi Bridge.

Includes an enhanced BWG840F gateway, USB cable assembly, and flat cable.

DK BWG840G is required to load firmware into WIFi module. It is easier to load firmware into Bluetooth module by using a DK.

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