Electronic, Firmware, Software, Turnkey Development

Fanstel provides customization services for its open source IoT products. Fanstel also provides turnkey development services for high volume products.

Depending on your requirements, the following companies can provide better development services using Fanstel modules.


Motsai provides electronic product development and specialist technical consultancy services. Founded in 2010 by two highly-experienced electronics professionals, Motsai works closely with clients throughout North America and globally to plan, create and deliver outstanding high-performance, cost-effective,  robust, and leading-edge technology products.

Motsai's engineers are experts in designing low-power electronics and motion fusion devices that connect wirelessly through Bluetooth®, WiFi, Zigbee, LoRa, and other network protocols. Motsai collaborates with clients through all aspects of electronics product development, from concept elaboration, prototype design, to volume production.

Motsai's proven process accelerates product development and reduces risks and costs associated with the design and manufacturing of cutting-edge electronic products.

For additional information about products and services provided by Motsai, please visit https://motsai.com/ 

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BitRange Technologies (BRT) helps our clients deliver end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for getting our clients to market quicker. Our experienced engineering teams provide comprehensive software expertise at competitive prices. Companies everywhere are using BitRange Technologies for:

  • IoT device firmware, mobile and web apps, and backend / cloud services development, implementation and maintenance

  • IoT gateway development and integration with cloud services

  • Battery-powered PAN, WLAN and WAN communications (Zigbee, BLE, Thread, Wi-Fi, CAT-M1, NB-IoT, and LoRa)

  • Voice UX (User eXperience) development

  • Big data analytics

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) development and integration

To learn more about how BitRange Technologies can assist you, call us at +1.801.877.2403, and visit https://www.bitrangetech.com/connect

Mold Development and Enclosure Production


Hanking Plastic Manufactory (Shenzhen) Co,. Ltd is a leading one-stop total plastics solutions provider in Shenzhen, China. We have our own RD dept., tooling shops, molding shops, painting & silkscreen lines, and assembly lines. We can provide plastic components mechanical design, mold design, mold fabrication, molding injection, secondary processing, and EMS assembly service!

With more than 24 years experience, we have advantage to deal with all kinds of molds and products in a better and more economical way.

No matter you have a concept in mind or a rough 2D/3D drawings, we can make them become the real products as you expect. For further information, please visit Hanking.