G99M: Giant Screen Caller ID Box

Model G99M supports Caller ID on Call Waiting services and voice mailbox services by local telephone companies. G99M receives Visual Message Waiting Indication (VMWI) signals automatically. LED and LCD icons flash to inform user of waiting voice message(s). Back light of giant LCD is turned on automatically when a call is received or when user is reviewing memories.

Caller ID Features

  • Caller ID: Receives and displays name, number and calling time
  • Caller ID on Call Waiting: Receives and displays name, number and calling time of a waiting caller during a telephone conversation
  • Memory Capacity: Stores calling numbers, names, and calling times of last 99 calls, answered or not
  • Once Screen Readout: This model uses a large 3-line LCD to display calling time, calling number and calling name on a single screen
  • LCD Viewing Area: 1.5 x 3.1 (inches)
  • Supports both Bellcore and ETSI Call Waiting Caller ID interfaces

Universal Message Waiting Indication

  • Visual Message Waiting Indication: Receives FSK data without wake up signal.
  • Message Waiting Indication: Flashing LED and LCD icon indicate message(s) waiting in your local telephone company's voice mailbox


  • Use the DIAL/FLASH button to switch between calls in call waiting state
  • Use the DIAL/FLASH button for the call back feature
  • Preset up to 4 area codes, one for 7 digit dialing and three for 10 digit dialing

LED Indicator

  • Message Waiting and New Call


  • Power Supply: An AC adapter (included) with optional 3 AA batteries to back-up memories and operation of caller ID during power failure
  • Size: 4.1 x 4.1 (inches)
  • Color: Off White
  • 1 Year Warranty: (Part and Labor)