BH661C Dual Mode Bluetooth 4.2 Modules, Secure Connection, Audio



BH661 module is a Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode module to support secure connection or with audio (Wide Band Speech) profiles . Certified BLE 4.2 stacks (with Toshiba QDID) are embedded. 

Block Diagram

BH661 Block DIagram

BH661 Block DIagram


  • A hosted module with Toshiba TC35661 SoC, -503, -551, or -009 ROM codes
  • Bluetooth SIG certified BT4.2 stacks embedded in mask-ROM.
  • Bluetooth RF analog core, baseband digital core and integrated antenna
  • Transmitter power 4 dBm; Receiver sensitivity: -90 dBm.
  • BH661C-503: Bluetooth  V4.2, SPP + GATT profiles
  • BH661C-551: Bluetooth V4.2, secure SPP + GATT profiles
  • BH661C-009: Bluetooth V4.2, WBS (Wide Band Speech) profiles
  • On board 26 MHz main clock
  • External 32.768 kHz sleep clock
  • Operation voltage: 2.0V-3.6V
  • Peak current consumption, 6 mA; deep sleep mode <0.1uA
  • Integrated antenna,
  • Bluetooth line of sight range with a smartphone, 50 meters (150 feet).
  • Operation Temperature: -40oC to +85oC            
  • Dimension: 16.7x11x1.9mm
  • Castellated pins: 24 pins. Easier prototyping, easier production.
  • Integrated shield to resist EMI
  • Bluetooth SIG QDID: 66367 (Toshiba)


  • Wearable
  • Access Points
  • Industrial Control
  • Medical
  • Scanners
  • iOS and Android devices        
  • Wireless sensors
  • Cable replacement
  • Instrumentation
  • Automobile



Industrial Canada: 4100A-BH661

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BH661C-503, Dual Mode BT4.2 module, SPP + GATT
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BH661C-551, Dual Mode BT4.2 module, SPP+GATT, Secure Connection
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Dual mode Bluetooth V4.2 module, SPP and GATT profiles, secure connection

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$4.99 each for a reel of 1000 pcs



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BH661C-009, Bluetooth V4.2 module, WideBand Speech
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Dual mode Bluetooth with V4.2 WideBand Speech (WBS) profile

$6.23 each for a 10-pack

$4.99 each for a reel of 1000 pcs


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