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BT680F Series use Toshiba TC35680 SoCs. Bluetooth range is 3000 meters at 125 Kbps with integrated PCB trace antenna when measured in environments with Low Multiple Path Interference. A host MCU can control module with HCI commands through UART interface. Standalone mode is supported with on-board flash or an external EEPROM. BT680T operates in the automobile temperature range.

Model Variants

BT680F Series Bluetooth 5 Modules:

BT680F Summary.png

BT680F: User’s application is stored in on-board flash and loaded into on-board RAM at booting-up for standalone operation. Fanstel’s AT command code is preloaded for legacy MCUs to upgrade to Bluetooth 5 features and longer range. Or, user can load other application codes.

BT680E offers the same features as BT680F. An u.FL connector for external antenna is installed instead of the integrated PCB trace antenna in BT680F.

BT680T A host MCU sends HCI commands over UART interface to control module. With an external serial EEPROM, BT680T can operate in standalone mode.

BT680TA offers the same features as BT680T except working in automobile temperature range.

Bluetooth 5 Specifications

Three key features of Bluetooth 5 specs for Bluetooth 5 products:

  1. 2X bandwidth to support 2Mbps data rate.

  2. 4X range to provide coverage of an entire home or building.

  3. 8X broadcasting message length from 31 bytes to 255 bytes.

Bluetooth SIG CORE_v5.0 LE CODED PHY uses FEC (Forward Error Correction) codes, 8 or 2 symbols to represent 1 data bit, and 1 M Symbols per second (MSps) transmission rate. Effectively, the maximum data rate is 125 kbps when 8 symbols are used. This FEC coding allows receivers to receive much weaker signals and to increase range by 4 times.


  • Standalone or used with a host MCU by UART interface/HCI Commands

  • Bluetooth SIG certified BLE 5 stacks embedded in mask-ROM.

  • Toshiba SOC, built-in Cortex M0 processor

  • Masked-ROM: includes boot program upto GATT layer.

  • RAM: 144KB (user-area RAM: 76 KB)

  • Flash: 128KB

  • Bluetooth RF analog core, baseband digital core and integrated antenna

  • TX power: +8 dBm

  • Receiver sensitivity at 1Mbps: -95 dBm

  • Receiver sensitivity at 125 Kbps (coded PHY): -105 dBm

  • Size: 15x20.8x1.9mm

  • Bluetooth range: 3000 meters at 125 Kbps.

  • Bluetooth range: 750 meters at 1Mbps.

  • Secure connection

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) V5 GATT profile with OTA (Over The Air) support.

  • Up to 18 General Purpose IOs to be configured by firmware:

    • SPI interface, I2C interface

    • UART interface, 9600bps to 921.6 Kbps

    • Support for wake up interfaces

    • Up to 5 ADC channels (1 for internal monitoring of VDD).

    • Up to 4 PWM channels

  • On board 32 MHz main clock

  • External 32.768 kHz sleep clock

  • Operation voltage: 1.9V-3.6V

  • Peak current consumption, 11.5 mA (+8 dBm TX, 2Mbps PHY)

  • Deep sleep mode, <0.1uA

  • Integrated PCB trace antenna,

  • Operation Temperature: -40oC to +85oC

  • Hybrid Castellated and LGA, 40 pins: pins. Easier prototyping, easier production.

  • Integrated shield to resist EMI

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