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For more than 25 years, Fanstel made Caller ID and phones for telephone companies, e.g., SBC (AT&T), Verizon, Sprint, Qwest (Century Link), Telmex, British Telecom, ...

BrewGenie BG120 was our first IoT product before deciding to become a module manufacturer. To help our module customers "test drive" IoT product development, Fanstel releases all our intellectual property.


BrewGenie BG120


Fanstel developed the followings to be used with an existing, programmable coffee maker without Bluetooth interface.

  • Control board with BT600E (an nRF51822 BLE module)
  • iOS app, EzPro available at Apple App Store
  • Android app, EzPro available at Google Play Store

Control board

Flip over BrewGenie, remove screws, and remove bottom cover, the following is shown.

Bottom view of internal of BrewGenie BG120

Bottom view of internal of BrewGenie BG120

Coffee Control board is on the upper side of photo.

A photo of bottom side of control board:

  • The white color connector is for a water level sensor. Use this sensor to detect water level to prevent brewing without water.
  • The 4-pin connector on the middle-right is programming interface with VDD, GND, SWDIO, and SWDCLK.

Component side of control board is shown below.

BrewGenie BG120 Control Board

BrewGenie BG120 Control Board

Control board interface with original coffee maker

  1. As described above, water level sensor, connector on bottom side.
  2. It receives 5V DC (black wire) from a power board (converts AC to 5V DC, not a Fanstel board)
  3. It controls a relay (red wire) to turn AC power to coffee maker on or off.
  4. Ground (white wire)

Bluetooth Interface

It uses a Fanstel BT600E, a Nordic nRF51822 module, with an external antenna.

Human Interface

  1. SW1 is the Menu button
  2. LED 3 is a bi-color LED to indicate auto mode and brewing status
  3. LED 2 is a bi-color LED to indicate Aroma mode and Bluetooth connecting status.


To Buy a BrewGenie BG120 Sample

BrewGenie BG120 uses 117V AC with an USA type AC plug.