WZ662 Cortex A9 + WiFi + BT, Linux Module




WZ662 is a System On Module (SOM) with Toshiba TZ2102, a 600 MHz Cortex A9 SoC, 8GB of eMMC and 512MB of DDR3 memories, and an integrated WS662 WiFi/Bluetooth combo module. 

Block Diagram




  • Integrated WS662/WH662 with Toshiba TZ2102 processor to support high throughput  WiFi connection
  • Supports Ubuntu OS
  • Bluetooth 4.0 EDR + BLE stacks embedded in mask ROM
  • WiFi Access Point (AP) supports 5 clients with up to 30 Mbps throughput.
  • Cortex A9 processor, 600 MHz, 8GB eMMC and 512MB DDR3, Ubuntu OS.
  • IEEE 802.11 security: WEP, WPA/WPA2 (TRIP, AES), WAPI
  • IEEE 802.11 priority control: WMM, WMM-PS
  • Integrated WiFi and BT antenna
  • Operation Temperature: -25oC to +85oC            


  • Access Points
  • Industrial Control
  • Medical
  • Scanners
  • iOS and Android devices        
  • Wireless sensors
  • Cable replacement
  • Instrumentation
  • Automobile

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