Buy Module Samples and Evaluation Boards

You are encouraged to order module samples and evaluation boards online.

  1. At the bottom of each module webpage, you can place your order for module samples and evaluation boards.
  2. Click the BUY icon, all available products are listed.  You can place an order for any module or or evaluation board.


Flat rate shipping for an order of any quantity. Most orders are shipped from Scottsdale Arizona office.

  1. $7.90 each order to an USA location by USPS Priority Mail.
  2. $43.00 each order to a location outside of the USA by DHL Express.

Buy Reel Quantity BlueFan (Toshiba) Modules

To check production lead time and volume discount, customers in the USA and Canada: 

  1. Please check sales reps on the BlueFan Sales webpage.
  2. Contact sales rep if one is in your area.
  3. If none is in your area, please contact Fanstel.

For all other areas, please contact Fanstel.

Buy Reel Quantity BlueNor (Nordic) Modules

Please contact Fanstel for volume discount and production lead time.