BH676CP Low Cost BLE 4.1 Modules




BH676CP module is a low cost Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module. Certified BLE 4.1 stacks (with Toshiba QDID) are embedded. 

BT676CP is one of the lowest cost BLE module with FCC approval. Unit price is $2.99 for 1000 pcs, reel quantity.

Block Diagram

 BH676CP Block DIagram

BH676CP Block DIagram


  • Standalone or used with a host MCU by UART interface/HCI Commands
  • Bluetooth SIG certified BLE 4.1 stacks embedded in 256 KB mask-ROM.
  • Toshiba SOC, built-in ARM7TDMI-S processor
    • 256KB mask-ROM for Bluetooth stacks
    • 224KB RAM
    • 256KB flash, for Bluetooth profiles, user data and applications
  • Bluetooth RF analog core, baseband digital core and integrated antenna
  • Transmitter power 0 dBm; Receiver sensitivity: -91 dBm.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) V4.1 GATT profile with OTA (Over The Air) support. 
  • Up to15 General Purpose IOs to be configured by firmware:
    • SPI interface, I2C interface
    • UART interface, 9600bps to 921.6 Kbps
    • Up to 2 wake up interfaces
    • Up to 3 ADC channels (1 for internal monitoring of VDD).
    • Up to 3 PWM channels
  • On board 26 MHz main clock
  • External 32.768 kHz sleep clock
  • Operation voltage: 2.0V-3.6V
  • Peak current consumption, 6 mA; deep sleep mode <0.1uA
  • Integrated PCB trace antenna,
  • Bluetooth line of sight range with a smartphone, 20 meters (60 feet).
  • Operation Temperature: -40oC to +85oC            
  • Dimension: 17.7x11x1.9mm
  • Castellated pins: 24 pins. Easier prototyping, easier production.
  • Integrated shield to resist EMI
  • FCC ID: X8WBH676CP
  • Bluetooth SIG QDID: 66367 (Toshiba)


  • Wearable
  • Access Points
  • Industrial Control
  • Medical
  • Scanners
  • iOS and Android devices        
  • Wireless sensors
  • Cable replacement
  • Instrumentation
  • Automobile

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IC (Industrial Canada) ID: 4100A-BH676CP

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Unit price of BH676CP is $2.99 starting at reel quantity or  1000 pcs, FOB, origin.

Sample price is $3.74 each for a 10-pack box.

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BH676CP The Lowest Cost BLE 4.1 module, $2.99 each at 1K pcs
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Lowest cost, short range BLE 4.1 module

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